Stitched photo combining four thermal images to show a large water flume flowing down behind a closet wallSet of three thermal images showing empty stud bays in a two-story room, air gap in a corner behind a chair and drapes, and a row of stud bays that an insulation contractor left empty.

where energy efficiency begins

Moisture flume behind a cedar closet wall

Reduce energy use 25 to 30%!

Infraredís big win is showing where to find significant cost savings without remodeling. The US Department of Energy now recommends infrared scans for all homes, even brand new ones. Air gaps, deteriorated and/or missing insulation, water leaks and structural anomalies all become visible with infrared.


Visual Cue Thermal Imaging is the infrared home-scan service with nothing else to sell you. When our scan is complete, choose your own workers or call one of our seasoned green contractor affiliates to do what you donít want to tackle yourself. Weíre all here to help you go green without going broke.

To contact us:

Lorna G. Fear

Certified Green Building Professional

Certified Infrared Thermographer

Phone: 650-520-4869


Envelope Scans

Basic rate covers homes up to 3,000 square feet†† $400

3001 to 3500 square feet†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $450

Continue adding $50 in 500sf increments


Framing Maps & Radiant Heating System Leaks

$75 per hour plus mileage at $0.55

Visual Cue Thermal Imaging


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